Kronborg Private InvestigatorsĀ  – About our company

“Our job is solving problems and giving sound advice”

Kronborg Investigations & Surveillance was established in 2003 with a single operator, and is now a business operating from Albury. Our staff have experience and expertise in criminal investigations, commercial fraud, covert surveillance, tracing and finding missing people, all of our staff have a police or military background. Our goal is to establish one of the best and most professional private investigation agencies in NSW.

Albury investigators, commercial fraud, covert surveillance. Kronborg investigations promises its clients a discreet, professional and confidential service based on Integrity, high professional standards and vast experience in the investigations and security related sectors.

Kronborg Investigations provides a thorough, honest and discreet investigation service, supported by a wealth of knowledge and experience in private investigation, criminal investigations, civil investigations, and a wide range of other areas, by utilizing the skills of a dedicated team of professionals from specialist areas, such as covert surveillance, video and audio surveillance, gps satellite tracking, vehicle crime and fraud investigation, all of whom have at their fingertips the latest technological support to ensure you receive the service and results you desire.

You will receive free initial advice with no commitment, and can be assured of our high standards of excellence and dedication to ensuring you receive a cost-effective solution to meet your requirements.

A custom approach designed to help you.

Kronborg Investigations works with many clients, including the general public, the legal sector, senior management in the corporate sector, banks and financial institutions, the retail trade and manufacturing industry and the insurance industries, and is dedicated to provide cost effective solutions to your problems.

Full use is made of modern technology including:

  • GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle and personnel tracking
  • Computer and mobile phone forensics
  • Covert camera installations
  • Electronic de-bugging

Above all we aim to understand the facts, identify the cause and solve the problem.

Your security, peace of mind, and the protection of your stock and other assets is paramount – contact us on 0415055010 to discuss – anytime.


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