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In this age of ever increasing technology, cars and their components are getting more and more sophisticated and leaving the job of the average car thief that much more difficult.

Determined Car Thieves are turning more and more to burglary to grab your car keys so they do not have the problem of being thwarted by even better and more sophisticated alarm systems and immobilisers.

Some break into the house. Lets’s face it- how many of use come in at night and throw our car keys onto the nearest surface, usually within easy reach of the front door!

A determined car thief approaching a house in this way will usually be accompanied by two or more accomplices – particularly if there is more than one car to be stolen. In ever more increasing circumstances, because drivers are now being alerted to the fish hook type of theft, they place their car keys elsewhere and thereby make the job of the potential thieves even more difficult.

There have increasing cases of violence being used when homes have been broken into just to locate the car keys. The determined thief with many thousands of pounds worth of vehicle waiting to be stolen usually to order, may stop at nothing to get what they want.

How you secure your home from this sort of crime is a matter for the individual. The more physical security, barriers, floodlights, audible house alarms, CCTV all help and may diver the potential thief to somewhere else.


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