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With experience in corporate, commercial and private investigations sector, our team of professionals, which consists of former Police Detectives, ex military personnel, and other specialists from the private sector, all of whom have a vast amount of expertise and wide and varied skill bases, we provide both local and national solutions and advice in areas of investigation including due diligence, risk management, asset protection, intelligence gathering, commercial investigations, insurance investigations including supply chain crime, and additional support services in such areas as forensics and crime scene investigations and general evidence gathering.

Professional Detectives brings together a diversely skilled and dedicated investigations team with individual talents and expertise reaching back years, and gained from hands on experiences as Police officers, Customs officers, Military and specialists from the private sectors worldwide. We are specialists in the corporate sector and the legal and insurance sectors of private investigations, utilising the latest methods and technology to provide corporate intelligence, private investigation, litigation support and gathering intelligence and evidence.

Other areas of expertise include conducting security surveys for clients where we have either identified problems during an investigation, or a client has specifically requested a security survey.

Our experience in the asset protection sectors have gained us recognition from several clients. Our dedication and application to an investigation is our main objective with the satisfaction that our clients have received the best available advice and solutions to their problems.

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Information on the Private Investigator

Probably the most used terms by those who wish to use the services of someone other than the Police, to assist them in with their problem. There are many types of ‘Investigator’ although we are really only concerned with those who offer an alternative to using a Police Officer to help you.

Eugene Francois Vidocq

The phrase Detective of course is more synonymous with the term Police officer because everyone is familiar with the CID- Criminal Investigation Department which by its very nature is manned by detectives. Of course, all detectives are investigators – this is what they do for a living so in effect there is no real difference other than the subject area the detective or investigator is working within.

If someone steals from you or your business you would expect it to be investigated by a detective. In many cases you might be hard pressed to find one who has anywhere the near the experience of a full time professional Private Investigator or private Detective. They have no police powers of arrest, powers of search or in fact none of the basic powers of a real police officer – so one wonders why bother? All this is done for the sake of saving money, but to the long term detriment of the general public and business owners alike.

Due to increasing pressure on Police budgets and manpower caused by such things as the global financial meltdown,

Humphrey Bogart aka Philip Marlowe

continuous political manipulation of law enforcement, and general erosion of the Police service in general by overloading the few officers left with ridiculous amounts of paperwork, the role of Police officer, once thought of as a vocation to many is fast disappearing.
The private investigator (or private detective) although having been around for a very long time, is becoming more and more in demand to fill the void left by overstretched law enforcement agencies. Many now working in the private sector have massive previous Police experience and skills honed over many years. On the other hand there are many rogue investigators preying on the vulnerable and less informed. We are constantly trying to inform people to take care when looking for a private investigator or private detective.

History behind the Private Detective

Historically, the profession of private detective as it was most commonly known, is widely believed to have begun back in the U.S. with the Pinkerton Detective Agency in 1852.

Sherlock Holmes

However, Eugène François Vidocq, A former crook who subsequently became the founder and first director of the crime-fighting Sûreté Nationale as well as the head of the first known private detective agency established in 1833, he is considered to be the father of modern criminology and of the French police. He is also regarded as the first private detective.

The role of the private investigator, or probably the more ‘romantic’ description of private detective or private eye has always it seems intrigued the public and over many years stories, plays, movies and television have all contributed to the romance of being a part of this ‘profession’.

The role of private detective evolved into many fantastic and adventurous tales in the guises of such sleuths as Sherlock Holmes, Ellery Queen, Mike Hammer, Philip Marlowe, Hercule Poirot, Sam Spade, Jim Rockford, Morse, Miss Marple and Vincent to name only a few.

The fictional detective usually includes the amateur investigator such as Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote fame, or the genuine private detective usually living on his wits and without much money in his pocket such as Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade and the more modern private detective such as’ Vincent’ (Ray Winstone) or the now deceased Morse played by the also deceased John Thaw.

Jim Rockford

In the modern world the reality is that a private investigator or private detective – remember there is no real difference – provides investigative research and interviewing services to the public, the legal sector and businesses.
Specialities in the field of private investigation include surveillance, legal, corporate and financial investigators. The Private Detective will usually provide just a few services, or offer a full raft of services including very specialist areas of expertise.

The primary duties of a private investigator are to verify facts and gather information and collect evidence. Kronborg Investigations provides not only all the services you may require but also the provable skills and expertise in those areas you may wish to have investigated. If you do not make sure that whoever you instruct to conduct your investigations is properly trained and skilled in that area, then you may find yourself in deep water or out of pocket.

The majority of our investigators have police and military backgrounds and therefore provable experience and expertise unlike many out there who think that a fancy website and promising the moon is all that is required.

Remember anyone can become a “Private Detective” but not all have integrity, criminal background and credit checks that you will find at Kronborg Investigations


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