Accident Investigations, Statement Service, Witness Service, Fraudulent Accident Claims

Increased traffic means that accidents involving motor vehicles are occurring more frequently. Someone is often to blame. There has been a massive increase over recent years of contrived accidents – this is where a vulnerable driver, usually a lone driver, elderly or quite young or even truck drivers, find themselves colliding with a vehicle which has deliberately pulled sharply in front of their vehicle allowing no time or space to slow down or manourvre out of harm’s way.

Many times you might find the accident was a set up. Insurance claims by these offenders have rocketed and this type of accident is treated as fraud but in many cases difficult to prove as the car in front will usually have a ‘witness’.

In fact when a claim is submitted it amazing how many more ‘passengers’ suddenly appear from the car in front that certainly were not in the vehicle at the time! It is essential that you take the proper precautions when the worst happens. Keep a camera in your car or use you mobile phone camera and take pictures of all parties and damage to both vehicles.

Fraudulent accident claims and contrived accidents are growing in number and are costing the insurance industry millions of Dollars. Innocent drivers lose their no – claims bonuses, and accrue lots of additional expense and inconvenience resulting from a claim against them.

Apart from providing a full interview service and statement service we advise our clients to consider covert surveillance in cases where there is obvious suspicion about an accident claim.


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